Monday, December 15, 2014

The recent siege in Sydney, Australia prompts me to share my two cents worth. I contemplated keeping my mouth shut…However, when I thought about it, I felt that if others shared the same sentiments me and passed them on maybe- just maybe we could all change attitudes.
I notice that someone came up with the brilliant idea of- “I’ll ride with you tag”. Great! This indicates that we support one another and don’t dump everyone into the ‘rotten apple’ basket along with the other rotten apples.
Now, here are my thoughts- If we think like Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, or Agnostics we are bound to offend. 
I am NONE of the above. In fact there is no religion I wish to follow or subscribe to. I AM A HUMAN BEING. Everything else- religion, caste, nationality, status, wealth, whatever- doesn't matter one iota!
I realise not everyone can subscribe to this and yet, I accept you just as you are...without reservations. Will you now accept me with no strings attached?
Considering that I do not belong to or follow any of the above mentioned categories... would you ride with me?
And if you don’t- I’ll still ride with you if you want me to.
If you agree, share with others!


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  1. Belonging or being a member of a particular religion doesn't necessarily make anyone better,stronger or a favourite of God. God simply does not have favourites. Most of us inherited our religion through our parents - but that too does not automatically make anyone a member of that religion. God does not love us more because we belong to a particular religious group. Indeed in God's eye's he only judges our hearts. We cannot really be free until we are free to love one another regardless of their beliefs.
    God accepts us as we are not as others would have us be!