Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello Franco,It is MY pleasure  to be corresponding with YOU! My goodness, I am but a mere mortal. Please don't put me on a pedestal.
Thank you for your very prompt reply. Rather than being bored by your email, I was delighted to read of yet another Tony disciple who appreciates his work.
You will have read in the Happy Wanderer, that I was a very late starter with his work. Once I got started however, I devoured all I could get. So I was delighted to receive notes that were taken at his last seminar, by two attendees. Thereafter I worked toward transcribing the notes and producing a book(Swansong) which you have no doubt found either on Facebook or the website(Link below this email)

Franco, if your shell is hard to crack, mine is made of granite! I experience occasional spasms of joy but not Anand. What I experience are thrills, as Tony would call them. Anand is reserved for Mystics like my brother, who are totally carefree and devoid of all need to possess anything; to those beings who live life without judging others. I am unfortunately only too human. I'm working on it though, in my 70th year! :)

Rest assured Franco, I will continue to share Tony's wisdom as best I can.  It is indeed a very troubled world. I wish some of those madmen in troubled areas of the world could just sit and think how stupid it is to claim the world and lose their souls!
Thank you again, for writing and I hope we can continue corresponding.
With love to you and yours,

I am always delighted to receive mail from people who appreciate my brother's work
More than 27 years after he died, I see Tony reaching out to so many people.
Thank you Franco for your very kind words and continuing interest.
Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for your personal e-mail confirming my purchase.

What an honour it is for me to be writing directly to Fr Tony’s brother!! And what joy it is to see your efforts to keep his work alive and spread new material, hence my interest in Swansong.
I have bought all known published works by and about your brother and they are my most prized books (I even bought the same books twice because they had different titles for the US and the rest of the world, silly me).
I also enjoyed immensely your very well written biography Happy Wanderer. Thank you.
I do not wish to bore you with too long an e-mail but I’d like to tell you that I came across your brother’s life work through a reference in one of Wayne Dyer’s works. Wayne Dyer being impressed by a Jesuit? This I had to explore. I saw Fr Tony for the first time on YouTube and I was hooked for life. This man was special. He spoke in a way I had never heard before, and believe me here in Malta we are full of Catholic priests and churches - I myself was brought up in Catholic schools and come from a Catholic family. But no one spoke about religion, spirituality and the human condition like Fr Tony. He was a true mystic. He truly understood things that ordinary mortals find hard to grasp.
On a personal note, despite my years of listening to him, watching him on video (Awareness CDs, Rediscovery of Life, A Way to God for Today and Wake Up) and reading his works, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, continually finding new insights in what he says, I still haven’t tasted the Anand that special persons like your brother derive from the unknowable. Perhaps my shell is particularly hard to crack or, as he says in one of his humorous asides, I like living in a cesspool, just don’t make waves please.
Please do continue shedding Fr Tony’s light on this troubled world with any new material you encounter.
With utmost respect and love to you and your family,